Reminiscent of the Unites States and the former U.S.S.R’s technology spurred, race to the moon. It appears as though today’s sex toy manufacturers are in a race of their own. Vying to see who can come up with the most technologically advanced functions to incorporate into their dildos and vibrators.

In the ever expanding race to get the rest of us off, they continue upping the ante. Seemingly on course to eventually create the ultimate, futuristic sex toy. Anxious to see what that will be.

Some of these new “techie” features are signs of true advancement, and have exciting real world purposes. Like controlling a vibrator remotely via app, or the newly developed teledonics, perfect for long distance relationships. Then there’s others, that sadly, seem to be little more than marketing gimmicks. Not well thought out ones at that.Cal Exotics Luxe

Sorry, but who is the genius that decided scented vibrators were going to be the next big thing? Or which of you out there has ever thought, “Wow, I wish I could talk to my vibrator to change the speed!”? Go go gadget dildo! Is that crickets I’m hearing? Thought so.

All jokes aside, up until now, the Luxe by Cal Exotics, is easily one of the most unique vibrators I’ve had the opportunity to try. I realize that may seem a bit far fetched at first glance. Judged solely upon its appearance, nothing about the Luxe screams extraordinary.

Ace Up its sleeve

Take for instance the Luxe’s non-textured, matte-finished silicone, its ten power settings, or its 6.5 inches of length. All features that I’d categorize as fairly average, but like an ace up its sleeve, it’s the technology hidden within, that makes the Cal Exotic Luxe something beyond the realm of typical.

The Luxe’s has touch-sensor technology, a feature that actually has a practical use. With two touch-sensitive sensors imbedded into the dildo that increase the intensity of the vibrations, based upon the depth of stroke. Making the Luxe conveniently, hands-free. Perfect for solo play, and although I didn’t get to try it this way, ultra practical for use with a harness.


I was curious about how the Luxe’s touch sense feature worked, so I gave it a good once over. Upon inspection, I found one of the sensors located approximately one-third of the way down the dildo, nearer to the tip. While the other is placed further down the shaft. About two-thirds down its length, closer to the base. These touch sensors seem to wrap completely around the 1.5 inch diameter of the Luxe.

The Luxe’s motor really did increase the power of it’s vibrations as I slid my fisted hand down the shaft. The first sensor increased the strength of the vibrations a few levels and when the second sensor one was triggered, the power increased even more. Maxing out at the highest possible. Ever the skeptic, I was genuinely surprised the sensors were working as promised. Now the question was, would it do the same during vaginal penetration?

One Small Step

The shortest and simplest answer to that question is yes, in fact it did. During use, I was pleased by the level of power the Luxe’s motor possessed. It has the strong, rumbly motor, us power queens, are always on the lookout for. Perfect to pull out and rub against the clit. The only pitfall I could find with the Luxe’s motor, is that it’s a little on the loud side. As can be seen in the short video clip above. Especially on the highest setting, or I should say, upon activation of the second touch sensor. So it’s really not suitable for use if you are lacking privacy.

So do I recommend the Cal Exotic Luxe? Yes, I do. I’d recommend it based on its silicone construction, strong suction cup base, and versatility of uses alone. Not to mention, as someone who’s not ordinarily, overly impressed by internal vibrations, I was rather surprised by how powerful the Luxe’s vibrations turned out to be.

In summary, before trying it, I figured the Luxe’s touch sensor technology was just another spin on the silly dildo gadgetry we’ve all become familiar with. Nothing more than another tragic marketing ploy, but as it turns out the sensors work. With no apps to sync to or complicated instructions to decipher, the Luxe is simple to use and pretty cool to boot. The Luxe’s touch sensitive capabilities are one small step along for humanity, in the quest to meld modern day technology with our age old quest for sexual pleasure.

Thank you to Good Vibrations for sending me the Cal Exotics Luxe in exchange for an honest reveiew.~

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