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Mama’s gettin’ the VIP treatment tonight, baby! In the form of what I’ve personally nicknamed, the Cadillac of sex toys, the Doxy Number Three. Really, there’s just something about the Doxy Number Three’s satiny brushed aluminum-titanium alloy finish that just plain screams luxury.

Now, I’ll give you this much, The Doxy Number Three may not be your tricked-out-Escalade-sporting-26-inch-chrome-rims version of a wand. No, that’d be the Doxy Die-Cast Orginal you’re looking for instead.

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We’re all well of the existence of the teeth-jarringly powerful, full-sized wands out there. Their stellar reputations precede them and lead to them receiving a ton of good press. And, while they’re undeniably some of the best broad-stimulation products one can hope to own, they also come with a pretty hefty, price tag.

That, and let’s be honest, their cumbersome size, the restrictiveness of their electrical cords, and sometimes their hard-to-keep-low-key noise level,

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