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I finally went and did it, ya’ll. I’ve officially ventured into the world of realistic dildos. And as you can plainly see, I didn’t just dip in a tentative toe or two. No siree, I dove in headfirst. Straight into the deep end, with this extraordinarily high-detailed design from Blush Novelties; The Magic Stick, from their economically-priced, platinum silicone line, Ruse.

Anyone else, find yourself humming the long-forgotten, 

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Okay, I have to make a quick confession. The Noje W3 is one of the rare instances where the size of a toy took me by complete and utter surprise. This was in large part, due to a (slightly-embarrassing) oversight of mine. My failure to read the product guide in its entirety. Whoops!

Another factor, which led to my severe misjudgment of the Noje W3’s size and scale, stems from my (wrongheaded,

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In the wacky world of sex toy blogging, we, as bloggers, sometimes take for granted the easy access that we have to the most expensive toy lines out there. In doing so, we overlook the challenges our peeps living on a shoe-string budget have to deal with on the regular.

In other words, college students, single parents, and all the other real-world scenarios where buying a two or three hundred dollar sex toy is likely going to be completely out of the question.

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