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Quick question, would it be a bad thing if I were to admit, that a large part of why I choose the Sola Cue to review, is its gorgeous shade of pale, ice blue? Sorry, but blue sex toys are a rare occurrence and pretty hard to come by. Anyway, there’s got to be worse ways to go about choosing a toy to review, right?

Take, this, for instance, I could blindfold myself,

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Dull, bland, uninspiring, humdrum….shall I continue? No, really, I could go on, and on. About how much of a dud the VēDO GEE Slim G-Spot vibrator turned out to be. This review contains no mentions of grand orgasmic fireworks. Because there were none or maybe, better I said, I had none.

Nope, any hint, even the slightest whisper of an orgasm I managed to muster while using the GEE Slim agonizingly fizzled away.

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