Mama’s gettin’ the VIP treatment tonight, baby! In the form of what I’ve personally nicknamed, the Cadillac of sex toys, the Doxy Number Three. Really, there’s just something about the Doxy Number Three’s satiny brushed aluminum-titanium alloy finish that just plain screams luxury.

Now, I’ll give you this much, The Doxy Number Three may not be your tricked-out-Escalade-sporting-26-inch-chrome-rims version of a wand. No, that’d be the Doxy Die-Cast Orginal you’re looking for instead.

The Doxy Number Three is a smaller, sleeker, perhaps, even sexier, Cadillac coupé edition. The Number Three easily maintains the same level of luxury and style, and most importantly, (horse)power as its larger predecessor. Only, now it’s smaller.

Sorry, for all the corny automobile comparisons, but really, who can argue that the Doxy Number Three’s sleek die-cast body doesn’t remind them of the smooth, sexy curves of a luxury sports car?

Movin’ On Up

Doxy Number 3If you really sit and think about it, metal is a pretty hefty upgrade in the world of sex toys. Real, true-authentic, metal-based sex toys are hard to come by. But please don’t confuse either of Doxy’s die-cast models with that other brand’s faux metal accents.

With Doxy products, there’s no need to fear flaking chips of some unknown mystery compound.

No hunty, their’s is the real deal. The Doxy Number Three’s is made from a solid, aluminum-titanium alloy, with a gorgeous brushed finish. There are no mystery metals or plating involved.

You guys all know, I’ve made absolutely no bones about the fact that I’m of the pinpoint stimulation persuasion. What you don’t know is that I’m also a creature of habit and a lazy masturbator at that. When I’m masturbating off the clock, on my time, it’s easier for me to grab one of the multitude of small, battery-operated toys from my nightstand drawer and hastily get myself off.

Opting for quick satiation that requires only a minimal amount of effort to achieve, as opposed to going through what I usually perceive as “all the trouble” of plugging in a wand and wrestling with a cumbersome power cord.

I freely acknowledge that this is spurred almost entirely by abject laziness on my part.

Would You Like Fries With That?

It’s sort of like going through the drive-thru at McDonald’s on your way home from work and ordering off the dollar menu. As opposed to putting in a little more effort, stopping by the grocery store and buying healthy organic ingredients. Then finally, preparing a delicious home-cooked meal.

Really, I should be ashamed of myself. I’m basically, grabbing what’s easiest and most convenient. Choosing quickie value-menu-orgasms as my main source of sexual sustenance.

Doxy Number 3

The Doxy Number 3 has shown me the error of my ways. Sweet baby Jesus! This wand has nearly won me over to the other side. This baby will be plugged in beside my bed, from now until the end of time, I tell ya. It already has its very own “Reserved for Doxy Number 3 ONLY” wall outlet placard. I’m kidding, of course,

Really though, it’s almost like I just figured out I’ve been eating ground chuck every night for dinner for weeks on end. When I could have just as easily been feasting on filet mignon. What the fuck was I thinking?

Buttons, Buttons, Who’s Got The Buttons?

Doxy Number 3I adore everything about this miniature Doxy! I prefer its small, compact size. The Number Three is 2.5-inches shorter than either of the originals, coming in at 11-inches in total length. And also has a smaller maximum diameter, reaching only 1.75-inches at its widest point. All of these downsizes make this wand so much easier to manage.

The buttons! I love the buttons. The Number Three has the same big, fat squishy Doxy buttons, that are total and utter perfection. Theirs are probably my favorite buttons out of any sex toy brand I’ve tried so far. They are the soft, buttery buttons of my dreams. They are big round and very responsive, and my favorite part, they don’t need strenuous amounts of pressure to engage. They only take the same amount of pressure that it takes to press a letter on a laptop keyboard.

Doxy also won me over by opting out of the three-second delay when turning the wand on and off. A feature I hate and yet, it’s one almost all brands feel they need to include. I don’t know about you, but I need my sex toys to be able to be deathly silent in the blink of an eye. I have kids, you know?

Rejoice, I no longer have to wince and endure the pain of overstimulation. With the aid of both, the power-up and a power-down button, it’s simple for me to quickly scale down the strength of the vibrations when I’m approaching those hypersensitive moments during and right after climax. This saves me from that painful overstimulation that I detest and try hard to avoid.

It’s All About That Rumble

Yet, when it comes down to the brass tacks, it’s really all about that rumble! Damn, the Doxy Number Three may be smaller, but it sure isn’t weaker. This wand has rumble for days. It has the same deep penetrating vibrations that I look for in a pinpoint vibrator only it’s like experiencing one of my favorite clit vibes or battery-powered wands multiplied by the power of ten. The Doxy Number Three definitely harnesses all the power its electric-powered motor allows for.

With the Number Thee’s domed-silicone head pressed against my vulva, it takes only seconds for me to reach my peak. While the rounded shape of the removable silicone head covers a lot of prime real estate all at once. It also simultaneously manages to directly target my clit. This broader-concentrated coverage is a completely unique sensation, set apart from the ultra-direct stimulation coverage of my favorite small tipped clit vibes. My typical go-to toys.

Doxy Number 3

The best part about using the Doxy Number Three is I can choose to have wave after wave of multiple orgasms or just be one and done. It’s totally up to my mood that day, but an orgasm is guaranteed to be in the cards.

I think the main differences between wands and clit vibes revolve around the amount of surface area they cover and the extra power a wand can harness from the benefit an electrical-powered motor. Which is to say neither is better, neither is worse, they’re just different. But thanks to the Doxy Number Three, I now consider my horizons broadened.

Home Team Advantage

“So, is this how the Doxy Number Three made a pinpoint gal change her ways?” Hey, hold up, wait just a minute, let’s pump the brakes, nobody said anything about changing my ways. I’m still Team Bullet Vibe all the way, I merely call this branching out, broadening my horizons.

And by way, this Mama’s still getting the VIP Treatment tonight, honey! No value meal burgers are on the menu, I’ll be feasting on Filet Mignon and afterward that I’ll have the Doxy Number Three as my dessert.

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